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How to master billiard game

Pocket billiards can be a difficult sport to master. There are literally hundreds of pool playing tips out there, and countless articles have been written on the subject. This pool playing tips article takes a different approach to billiards. We will cover three general pool playing tips that, if followed, will help you improve your billiard game exponentially. If you focus on precision, patience, and practice, you will start pocketing more balls, and winning billiard games more often.
Precision is the backbone of most pool playing tips. It is an integral part of your stance, grip, aim, stroke, and follow through. The key to being precise is to take your time. Position yourself so that you are comfortable. This will allow you to relax and focus on precision. Think logically about your shot, and assess it from all points. Think of the cue as an extension of your arm. Since we are all very precise with our own limbs, imagining your cue as a part of one will subconsciously help you to be more precise. I know that all of this sounds incredibly vague, by try thinking about precision when you are at a table next, and see how much more focused you will be. From this alone you'll likely be pocketing more balls than normal.
Patience is extremely important in billiards, and is likely one of the most important pool playing tips you'll ever receive. We have all seen professional billiard players get visibly frustrated and lose their patience. Their game usually goes downhill from there. When we are impatient, the body tenses up and becomes more rigid. This will have a negative effect on your shot. When you become impatient and tense, you begin making decisions with haste and fail to properly think through your shots. Patience not only affects your game, but it also affects your practice routine. Because of the precise nature of billiards, certain shots need to be practices over and over. All too often up and coming players give up too soon and lose their patience.
This brings us to the third pool playing tip; practice. Not much needs to be said on this one, as everyone know that practice makes perfect. There are a few notes about practice that can help make it more effective. Practice 50% of the time at a table on your own. This will give you uninterrupted table time, and you will be able to try shots over and over as practice. The other 50% of the time should be spent playing casually with other players. The key piece of information to take away here is that you should always try to play with someone who is considerably better than you. You'll be able to learn from this person, ask them questions, and observe them.
If you focus on the three p approach, you will significantly improve your game. If you want more detailed information, you can check out these other pool playing tips.

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